How do I find my Google Analytics profile ID?

With the new version of NEXT Analytics, you no longer need to copy and paste profile ID numbers. The program is so simple, you are just required to enter your google login information.

Using Google Analytics with the NEXT Analyitcs

When you make your first Google Analytics query with NEXT, it will immediately ask for you to sign in to the Google email that you use for accessing Google Analytics. After you allow access, you will be promoted to select a default Google Analytics account/profile. These defaults are used when working with a ‘generic’ example, such as those supplied by NEXT.


NEXT Analytics and Google Analytics

To add a Google Analytics account once you are in the NEXT software, you simply go to the “Accounts/Profile” tab and click on add.


NEXT Analytics Google Analytics authorization account ID

Enter your Google Analytics account information. Click sign in. This is authorize the NEXT software to access your data. You are now ready to go.

If you require more information or support for NEXT Analytics and Google Analytics you can access our Google Analytics user guide for step by step instructions on the NEXT Support page.

Multiple Google email IDs

On the Accounts/Profiles tab, you can select a Google ID – the email address you sign in with. If you want to use multiple email addresses, you can manage the selections using the Add and Delete buttons.

Dynamic list of accounts and profiles

When you select the Google ID, a list of GA Accounts will appear, and for each GA Account, a list of GA Profiles. Google Analytics queries always use GA Profiles, so pick the profile you want for the query.

Changing the default profile

Note that you can change the default profile by clicking the “Make Default” button.

A 45 day trial is available for download in a stand-alone version or as an addin for excel.